All Europeans Americans and English all have something passed down in the family regarding food dishes.


I myself have a lot of personnel food dishes I love to eat. I was looking at making Toad in the Hole just for a change. I know I can buy sausages however on this occasion, I needed the real ma-coys.


The only way I can achieve this is by making them myself or at least trying too. Shopping is quite easy nowadays most food has labels in English and Thai languages. However, for the nitty gritty stuff its difficult believe me. I’ve just lately found this out on the difficulty of buying some specific food items.


Large ovens and cooking implements are not really necessary. You can buy a mini oven works just the same as you’re really only cooking for yourself.


Thai people won’t eat food other than Thai food. Something about these people if its not Thai, no way will they try it. Mind you, why should they. Thailand has thousands of different meals all available everywhere. For them its just a matter of looking at what they want to eat on the day.


Lately I’ve been thinking about experimenting with sausages. Now sausage stuffers and mixers are available at great cost. Theyfore some diversification was needed to come up with another idea, just in case my idea was a failure.


Why go the full expense only to find out you cannot do it? After wandering around homemade stores and DIY shops I came to the conclusion if I could obtain a glue gun of course without the glue to use as the sausage stuffer this will do. I also needed something to grind up the meat. I found a cheap kind of grinder and after trail and error got it to work. We have the meat grinder and the sausage stuffer, all I need is the sausage casings.


I really did not think this would be as difficult as I first thought. Can you imagine trying to explain to Thai people about something that they have never seen before. They themselves do make sausages but not in the same way as ourselves. I see Thai sausages daily. So how should I know that they not made the same.


Thai sausages are nice to eat just completely different ingredients to what we put into them. A Thai sausage consists of some pork laced with garlic and fattened up with rice. The sausage shape is formed by they hand not stuffed in a casing. However, in saying this, I have seen some in a casing but mainly lao sausages which have a different filling.


Now buying the nitty gritty stuff I google my English words into Thai language and take the results with me to the shop where I’m hoping they will understand where I am coming from.


This is exactly how I went about it. I tried sausage casings, sausage skins and all the google translation came out into the same Thai words. (Si gob). So off I go to the supermarket full of anticipation about my sausage casings.


On arrival I was met by the head butcher. I give my google translation and off he went into the back of the shop and came back with pig skin. I explained in my half English half Thai language of what I was really wanting to buy and then realized I was getting no where here. It was then someone shouted Nang moo. Ah ha I thought maybe google had the wrong translation and Nang moo was what I needed. After agreeing with the word Nang moo I was offered pig skin again.


So off I went out of the shop without the casings maybe it’s just they do not have them. I will try another shop. Decided on where else would be possible and entered the shop. Brought out my google translation. Again, I was offered pig skin. Then one lady asked if I meant mang moo, not nang moo. I agreed, it is possible I cannot pronounce the word. She explained no have, (meaning none available). Mai mi.


By this time, it was late in the afternoon and I do not like driving around in darkness realized the following day I would start new elsewhere.


The following day arrived at the next shop and again with the same results realizing its either my Thai language or its just impossible to obtain them. One last try, off I went to the local Thai market, Asked for nang moo. The lady replied 1 kg or 2. I wondered it cannot be this easy. I agreed. Only to find out nang moo is pig skin chopped up into small pieces.


Okay one last try at one more Thai market. Asked for nang moo. Now this lady does speak English. She asked what I was looking for. I explained intestines for making sausages. She then explained its not nang moo it is Si tiem? And she does not have them either. (Mai mi) No have !!


I did go on line with my description in English found quite a few shops who did sell them however on telephone conversation its then you find out, (No have). They is a shop 6 hours driving away and definitely do have them, a German butcher however I’ve decided to eat something else, life will be a lot easier doing it this way.


I have not given up and will pursue these casings or until I fall onto them whilst looking for something else. As I am explaining sometimes the language barrier just cannot be breeched no matter how much you do try.


However, Ive since found out, is it possible to make a sausage just with a plastic bag. By mixing up your minced pork or beef with herbs and spices. Really just filling them up rather than using rice or potatoes. Fill the small plastic bags and roll them in the bag until you reach your desired size of sausage. You can either tape the bag up or use an elastic band to hold them tightly and stop air getting in. boil them in the bags for about 4 minutes and let them cool down. Remove them from the plastic bags and they you have sausages. Freeze them for later or fry them whatever you prefer.


Another piece of information.


Have you ever wondered about fresh milk? Have you ever seen milk cows? I’ve travelled all over the country and never seen a milk cow or fields of cows. So where does the fresh milk come from.


Boeing 777 bringing milk into the country daily. The costs would be astronomical. Everywhere Supermarkets, Seven Eleven, Tesco or Family Mart all sell fresh milk. So how do they do it.


All I can suggest to keep down the retail costs would be by chemistry. Breaking down the chemical elements of milk in to a power form and adding water bringing the chemical composition back to its original form.


This is possible if it is bottled, however canned goods would be a lot different they would have to be made in a factory. By making the milk this way the bulk powders could be transported in the tons to keep the retail costs down. Mixed back into milk on arrival into the country.


Not sure if this is classed as fresh milk but milk in a form. Perhaps freshly made milk. Maybe they do have milk cows and fresh milk is available, however not in the areas I have travelled and they would need thousands of them for all the milk available in this country.


Overseas Travel


We have always agreed the English and Americans mix the pot of soup up in a clockwise direction, it’s just common sense. The Indians and Arabs appear to mix the pot up in an anti-clockwise direction.


The Asians appear to do it by a diagonal direction of up and down. Why I am explaining this is because the way in which the pots of food are mixed is also a way of thinking from a younger age of instructions.


In saying this does it matter how the food is mixed. Yes, to some degree in a realistic view, not really as long as the food is cooked and doesn’t stick to the pan.


With having this form of instruction from an early age does help your thinking ability later on in life as everyone else is mixing up the pot in the same direction as yourself. Therfore setting a standard.


I was wondering if it started with the pilgrims visiting countries, starting schools and religion. As us westerners find the way of thinking in asian countries completely different and sometimes it just seems unbelievable. For example if a hotel has no customers. They idea is to put the room price up. wheras we would give a discount.


Just imagine in them days only field rats, fish, crocodiles and insects were available to eat here. No crocodiles now only in the zoos. As they were all eaten until distinction.


It is only in the last 20 years, shopping malls are available. 20 years ago you ate what you hunted and grew in the fields. Made use of the environment for food and not far put this is still going on today.


Living in the tropics where humidity is around 80% most days, this temperature produces abundance of fresh fruit growing wild all edible. I’ve noticed all the fruit seeds have some form of protection.


For instance, the Julian seed. This seed has prickly points growing from the shell. The Julian is a large seed about 10cms in size. The seed pod gives off a rancid smell to us foreigners however on breaking open the seed a yellow pulp is found with egg size seeds which are full of proteins. The Thai people explain the same amount of protein as 20 eggs and I find them delicious.


Another favorite of mine is the banana plant seed. This seed has so much fiber inside. The idea is to boil the fiber until it is soft and then use as an addition to another form of food. The banana seed also gives a distinctive flavor to the food.


If you ever ask a Thai person where is the United Kingdom most of the time it’s a bewildered blank look on their faces. As far as they concerned there is nowhere else in the world other than Thailand.


They think we came from the stars and just arrived here. Or maybe they don’t think, were just here and don’t bother thinking anymore about it. They do think we are money trees or an unlimited amount of cash supply. Its all done in a nice sort of way. Very funny in some circumstances.


It is only now the schooling is free, a few years ago to go to school you had to pay a yearly amount for education. For the poor people this was more or less impossible. You would find one year one of the family would go to school then another family member would go the following year. Just mainly to learn to read and write.


All the family members would pass on the lessons from the schools to each other. It’s a shame it was like this as some of the Thai people have extraordinary abilities to learn. In fact the ones with little or no education have the self-ability to make things work out in their lives with greater results than some with school education.


Everything appears in this country to be about money. Now everywhere else in the world is also about money just in a different way. We understand we need money for our futures where here money is thought in a different proportion. Some Thais think if they have money then spend it as then you have no money.


Stress is totally handled in a different way than us westerners. In fact little stress amongst the people. No such thing as anxieties. Just the way in which they are brought up.


By having a conscious creates all these anxieties. We got this all from the churches by the bible words. 10 commandments come to mind. I shall not? Where as not having a conscious mind, no such thing as anxieties.


I’ve listened to thai people going to meet a bus to travel. The bus arrives every three days usually in the morning. They go for the bus. Around 6 hours later you seen them and you say I thought you were going to travel. The bus never came is the answer. No complaining just never came. Go back another time and wait again.


Now hospitals are packed with waiting customers. No such thing as appointment times you go there wait until someone asks you what your problem is. It could take 12 hours are maybe not see the doctor that day then go back the next day and wait again. It is the way it is.


Not a lot of people bother wearing watches. The ones that do mostly are just for show as sometimes the time is wrong anyway. They just used to living without time pieces.


One time I was travelling up north and I knew I was stopping in a small village next to the Cambodian border. All the people are common farmers work the rice fields all day sleep early at night to save on electrical bills.


I decided to buy some board games for them the only game I found was bingo. When I arrived at the village. Sat them all down explained to them the best I could how the game was played. I introduced four corners as an extra bonus. The cost was 1 baht to all who played with all the money returning to the winners in equal shares.


At first they could not see what was going on until they themselves started to win a line or four corners or a full house, bingo. What I did not realise I started off being the MC thinking someone else would take over.


However, the word got around quickly of what was going on. Eventually the whole village turned up and all wanted to play Bingo with me as the MC. After 12 hours of shouting out bingo numbers I eventually manage to get out of it.


I must admit everyone loved the excitement. The following day I explained to a Thai how to make the draw and I think to this day it is still being played every night up north next to the Cambodian border.