Nam Toum

Later the lady asked where I was going to go to next. No plans really. She asked if I wanted to go to her home in Nakhonratchasima (Korat) as she has some business to do there. I discussed about my visa and soon I should return back to Pattaya and sign in. As Korat was more or less on the same route I was going to go on. I thanked her and off we travelled to her home the following day.

Her home was on the outskirts of Korat more on the eastern side beside Konburi. Konburi is the place where a lot of sugar cane is harvested. Fields and fields of sugar cane as you drive down there. You will always find a pickup truck parked at the side of the road with someone in the back sitting next to a strange looking machine. This person is selling sugar cane drinks. The machine crushes the sugar canes and at the same time the sugar juices run out from the canes into a plastic bucket. You buy a half litre and drink it there and then.

The time of year is classed as the rainy season as everyday it pours down with rain. When it rains it is as if the heavens turned the tap on as its none stop for hours. Some roads become rivers, flooding is everywhere. Roads are un passable and often it is impossible to access where youre wanting to go to as all the roads are flooded. The local farmers have to plan for this time of year by buying boats in some areas. This particular year was one of the worst years Thailand had ever seen. Even the cities suffered sever flooding and reports were of 2 - 3 metres of rain water in the cities.

Everywhere has drainage systems and designed to suit the conditions. However on this occassion no one could of designed a system to drain the ammount of rain the country received. Even the dams walls were overflowing all around the country giving more flooding to areas. It was a common site to see people in rowing boats travelling around they towns. Even some of the higher ground towns in Thailand which never receive flooding got it too. Nam (water) Toom (over) Nam Toom.

Some of the higher ground motorways were runing and some A roads. It was advisable to keep off the B roads and of course living on the outskirts of Kolat everywhere were mainly B roads. Even if I had of decided to go back to Pattaya it would of been imposible to find dry roads as that much rain came down and it continued at intervals over the following weeks. I had no choice especially on a motorbike to stay where there were dry roads. The access roads to her farm were completely flooded and only tractors were able to take people back and forward into the towns.



Motorway Flooding