Banana Pancake with thick syrup carnation milk.

Sausages Cooked on Hot Coal

Sticky Rice Houlders (Coniow) Made from Bamboo.

Tom Yam Serving Dish

Motorbike Food Cart

Motorbike Coffee Shop & Cold Drinks

Squid (Pamook) Rolled then BBQ. Very strong pungent smell. Same leather after cooking.

Motor Bike Fruit, Pineapple, Dengmor (Red Melon)

Music playing Fruit Cart, Coconuts, Ferang, Melons.

Hot Plate, Not sure what for?

Fish moulds, ??

Fish Mould, Maybe for salted Fish.

I think its used to strip out the flesh from coconuts.

Pamook (Squid) Rollers

Electric Driven Sugar Cane Juicer

Bamboo Steaming Dishes

Water pots for steaming Sticky Rice

Bamboo for steaming Sticky Rice

Thai Dining Room Tables (Food Trays)

Thailands equivalent to the Terracotta Army.  (Chickens)